Benediktas Sindikaitis, Kazimiera Mozurkiene, & Stase Sindikaityte-Minelgiene

Benediktas Sindikaitis, Kazimiera Mozurkiene, and Stase Sindikaityte-Minelgiene helped Jews from the onset of the Nazi occupation of Lithuania in 1941. They were able to hide Freda Karpul, nee Friedman, and her sister, after they escaped the ghetto. Kazimiera cooked and Stase brought food to other Jewish people in hiding. Tragically, the Nazis arrested and murdered Benediktas during the war. On February 11, 2007, Yad Vashem recognized Benediktas Sindikaitis, his mother Kazimiera Mozurkiene, and daughter Stase Minelgiene as Righteous Among the Nations.

Edited from Yad Vashem, Righteous Among the Nations Database

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